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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More on Family

I figured I have been remiss in talking about my family. I know in the first few months of my blog I talked about my love for my siblings and their uniqueness and individuality and my love for them.

Sometime I will talk about Michael's siblings, who knows it might happen here since I intend to talk about my nieces and nephews. There are lots of them after all.

First off, my Sister Noelie and her ex husband Robert have 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl.

The oldest Sean is right around 6 months younger than my youngest sister. For years I referred to him as "Uncle" Sean just because it seemed to go with Celeste so well. He was a big baby, but not fat, Nope, not one ounce of baby fat on Sean, he was long, gangly, and had broad shoulders. This was a little boy that needed to grow into his body. He had a hard time as a baby and would stiffen as a board and would be hard to hold. Now, we think he had a lactose intolerance and that caused him much pain.
For the longest time, when he was little, Celeste would walk in the room and he would cry, but eventually he got over that, and when he would sleep over we could hear them giggle away.
He was a quiet child, and a quiet adult. He is a thinker, he wouldn't do something until he "knew" he could do it.
He is going to school to be a pharmacist, a perfect job for him. I know he will be excellent.
Now he is married to Brynn, I have linked to her blog, and she enjoys talking about her little family. She is a go getter, if something needs to be done, Brynn will do it, and do a good job of it. She enjoys different crafts, and made Kendra a quilt that she has just about worn out.
She and Sean have two little children, Noah, a year younger than Kendra, and Ellie just a little younger than Abbie. They are cute and say the funniest things like all little children can do.

Second is Jayson. He is almost a polar opposite of Sean. He is a talker, when he was little he would talk about everything, and anything he could see. He likes to have fun, in all manner. He is funny, and always had away to make me laugh. Once when he was little, after a big family dinner, he said he was full. My Grandpa said, "I thought you were Jayson?" Jayson, looked at him and said, "I am Jayson Full Leavitt." It of course made everyone laugh, and laugh we did. He is quick on his toes, and has a quip for everything.
Jayson is someone that should really enjoy what he chooses for a living, he would be miserable otherwise.
He like computer games, and friends. His general easy going nature makes it easy for him to make friends, and that is a good thing.

Third is Tyler, today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Tyler. He was born during the Olympics, and all the nurses liked going into his mother's room because she would have figure skating on.
Tyler, is the one of my sister's kids that has the looks of his Scandinavian ancestors. My Dad has a picture of his mother somewhere, that it could have been Tyler in the picture. I'm sure the danish genes help in that regard as well.
We could go places with Tyler, and girls would flock around him. If we lost him, all we had to do was look for a pack of girls and he was bound to be in the middle of them.
Tyler was hard for me to tend when he was little, I didn't understand how to deal with him. Cindy on the other hand could come home and he would open up with her, and she could get him to do all kinds of things.
Tyler found his niche in high school ROTC, and was picked to go to Boys State. How cool is that?
He served in the Marines, and was stationed in Iraq, we all prayed for him and his safety, and he returned honorably and fulfilled his commitment to country.
He married Kelly Ann, their blog is also linked on my side bar. She is a tough lady, also served in the Marines, and I have no doubt could take on anyone that got in her way. She likes to scrapbook and do other things, going to school and dealing with the heartache of infertility.

4th is Jordan, born on the anniversary of Joseph Smith's birth. When he came home from the hospital we placed him in a small doll bed to sleep. He was a very cute baby. My mother would watch my sister's kids and I would bring Jordan into my room while I got ready for my day. I was usually working 3-11's so it was a fun routine. I would put him on my bed, turn on my music, which usually was a Windham Hill CD, and he would bounce to the music.
As he got older he would play computer games with his older brothers. In fact, I can attribute my interest in Final Fantasy to Jayson, Jordan and their mother. (play time now on hold indefinitely) He liked laser tag, and is very good at it. I'm not sure what his interests are for school at the moment, but Jordan will do well at what ever he chooses. He has had a good friend and mentor that helped him a lot the past several years, and it will serve him well.
Jordan has married Stephanie, she is the one I know the least about as I honestly have only talked to her a handful of times. Usually as Michael and I were headed out the door to get little girls to bed. She seems to be another go getter, just like Kelly and Brynn, and has much the same interests in crafts.

Marlei, is the youngest of the kids. It is easy for Michael and I to remember her age, because she was born 10 days after we were married. So for the longest time, Marlei was the baby I knew the least about. We moved to Wisconsin when she was just over a year old and didn't move back until she was 3. I was glad that She and Natasha were not too far apart in age so Natasha could have a friend. Marlei, lived with us a couple of times, and she could get Natasha and Collin to do things I never could.
She is another go getter, and is working hard to do what she wants to do in life. She has interests in ASL and computer games to some extent as well. I really enjoy it when Marlei and Natasha can have time together, I like to see them be friends.

So that is the run down of Noelie's children, short and to the point, maybe not so much as I think. I am sure I can mention more, like the fun they have had with my mom playing Hand and Foot, and I mentioned the experience I had with Tyler, Kelly, Jayson, Robert, my mother, and my Aunt, (Michael too) in doing sealings for family. IT was one of the most spiritual moments of my life.

Next are my Brother's kids. I don't know any of them very well, as we don't see them much.

Cordell and Ruth's oldest is, Matthew. They also had problems with infertility so he is only a few weeks older than Natasha. He is tall, soon to be 19, and if I know my brother planning on a mission soon. I know he has had interests in geology, and has had his own struggles as we all do.

Their next child is Rebecca, a beautiful young girl, just younger than Collin. She has interests in Dance, and is growing up so fast it is hard to believe. She has always been quiet when I have been around, but something tells me she could talk someones ear off if given half a chance.

Their youngest is Rachel. A young girl that is lucky to be here. She was born with a birth defect, that was not noticed until she was 2 weeks old. The lucky thing is, although they nearly lost her, the defect is an easy repair, and it in no way slowed her down. In fact, from what I understand, is she is smart, and not much goes by her at all.

Those are my nieces and nephews on my side of the family, On to Michael.

Michael's oldest brother Bryan is married to Sandy and they have 5 children.

Jessica is the oldest, she is now on a mission and will be home very soon. I remember her to be quiet and shy, with a very strong spiritual nature. She was attending BYU before her mission, and I have enjoyed reading her mission letters as they have been forwarded to us.

Next is Chris, he is also on a mission. He left the same time as Jess, so he has a few more months before he comes home. Chris is a hard worker, and enjoyed many things. He is a good kid, and it has also been fun to read his letters home.

Bryce is their third child. He is just a few months younger than Natasha, so they seem to have fun visiting when they get together. He also seems shy, but has found that he shines in musical theater. Good for him! He has attended BYU Idaho, and is preparing for a mission as well.

Then there is Sara, she like her siblings have explored many different activities. I don't know her very well, and I'm not sure where her interests are at the moment. I do know that she is a sweet girl with a gentle heart, much like her oldest sister.

Then there is the youngest, Jason. He is a few months younger than Abbie, so an even bigger spread than my kids. :) He is a very active child that has kept Bryan and Sandy on their toes. He is smart, quick. Not surprising because he follows after his siblings.

Michael's sister Karen, has three children, all girls.

Shandel the oldest, is married with two children of her own. She had been going to school to get a degree in special education. (I think). She is married, and in the past few months has had to deal with the reality of her dear husband suffering from a stroke. They have been blessed as he has had a good recovery, but how hard it must have been to watch her young husband deal with this, and take care of two little children as well.

Then there is Brittany. I am not sure what she was doing in school, but got married into a ready built family. I just heard that she and her husband Wes were sealed in the temple recently and what a joyous event that is. Brittany is also a sweet girl, with a great capacity to love those around her. Brittany played volleyball in High school and was very good to my knowledge.

Their youngest, Kylie is just a few weeks younger than Natasha, so my daughter has three cousins her age. It is fun to watch them altogether. Kylie is a go getter, and is busy and active.
She is currently working on a nursing degree, I wish her well because it is a demanding set of courses, but I know she can do it.

Then there is Michael's brother Kim married to Kimberly, or as we affectionately call them, the "Kims".

Their oldest is Nathaniel. He has many struggles, he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrom so he can have many ups and downs. I know Kimberly works hard to keep him on schedules which suits him and his temperament. He does pretty well in school, and I have read some of his creative work and he has a fun imagination and does a good job with that. He is a bit younger than Collin, so that makes it fun for them when they can get together.

Then they have Grace. She is a smart little girl, that likes to read, and not to long ago did a little news clip. How great was that for her!

Their youngest is Alex. He is the baby that helped heal my heartache of infertility issues, at least a bit. When I held him for the first time I had this wave of healing that was a miracle in my book. I know Alex keeps them on their toes. I try to keep up on Kimberly's blog about her kids, but I don't remember things like I used to. I have to get better at that.

Then there is Richard and Téa. I honestly don't know much about their kids. I will do the best I can. I try to keep up on her blog too, but we don't seem them as often as I would like so personal interaction is sketchy at best.

Their oldest is Duncan. He is a smart bright child, as are all their kids. He has lots of interests, and has always talked so much like a grown up, that it is hard to remember he is younger than he is.

Then they have Cheanna. This girl is sweet and quiet, and likes to read. When they were here last I loaned her a couple of books that I love and she had them read in no time!

Then there is Emma, she is another sweet girl a bit more out going than Cheanna, and liked to talk to me.

Elena comes next, and she and Emma have got to be good friends. She is more outgoing than Emma, and seems to have a great deal of joy in her heart.

Then they have Ephraim, I know they had some concerns with him and his speech and hearing. I'm not sure how that has turned out. He is another bright child, and seems to figure out how to work things, long before you want him too.

Their youngest is Anya, she had a bought of RSV when she was a newborn and was in the hospital for a few days. I would imagine like all of her siblings she is smart, quick to learn, and is a joy to her parents.

I do believe that is the extent of all my nieces and nephews. It reminds me that I need to learn to pay attention to them more, and what they are doing.

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