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Friday, February 13, 2009

Kendra's sleepless night

Right around midnight, when all is dark and calm in the house, Michael and I are awakened by a tap, tap, tap at our bedroom door.

It is our little Kendra, "my ear really hurts daddy". We cuddle her and Michael gets her some tylenol as I try to get out of her what sort of pain she is having with her ear.

Several times throughout the night she is, tap, tap at the door several times. About 4 am, I am cuddling with her on the couch and Abbie starts screaming for her dad so he gets up with her and comes down.

He hears Kendra tell me, "I think I am going to die". Poor little thing.

I tell him I am going to go a buy some ibuprophen since we are out of it at the house and head out. In the mean time he calls our hometeacher to come and administer a blessing to her. I of course end up at 3 stores before I find one open.

Between the blessing and the medicine she finally fell asleep at about 6 am, and of course was bouncing around at 8am. We got her into the Dr. and he said she had a significant infection and her eardrum could burst it was so inflamed. He even asked Michael if he would give permission for his student to look at it because it was so bad.

Still the little one wanted to go to preschool for the Valentines party and she is started on antibiotics.

To say the least we are grateful for little and big blessings today.

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