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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How did she Know! Thanks Brynn

I received my "Pay it Forward" Gift from Brynn on Sunday. My question is how did she know what I needed? You see here two handmade items, a grocery bag sock and a hair clip holder!

I needed the grocery bag sock so deperately I can't express how grateful I am for it. For years I have used a "HUGE" shopping bag where we would stuff all our plastic bags. After we had the two girls we used bags a lot to take out diapers to the garbage. (Helps control the smell in the garbage can.) Now it is just piling up with bags. If the bag hadn't been taken out to the recycle bin I would have taken a shot of it so you could see what an eye sore it was. Thanks so much Brynn.

The hair clip holder I needed because, well obviously I have two little girls I like to dress up. So now I have a place to put their hair bows that I don't want to put in the tin that keeps their barrets, and other clips. Again, Thanks so much Brynn for helping me with two items that will help cut down a small bit on my clutter!

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