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Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Dad

This is a picture of my father, probably age 3 to 4 is my guess. The Second is one of him a a young man, I'm not sure of the age because there is nothing written on the back of the picture.

I figured I would continue my theme lately of talking about family. My father is still living and still struggling with issues related to aging, heart disease, high blood pressure and Diabetes, the root of the other problems.

I have always loved my father. I would run and hide behind doors when he would come home and I have always been afraid of letting him down.

He, like his father, would do just about anything for anyone if it was in his capability.

He has this love for animals that somehow he inherited from his father. Dogs, adore him, he has a pet chicken he has adopted. (The silly bird landed at my parents place one day, and the rest of it is history.) He had a little fish, that just died this week, that lived for probably close to 10 years. That little thing always knew when dad was around and would swim as close as it could to talk to him. (If fish can talk.)

He loved to work in his garden. Since his stroke it has not been so easy for him to putter around and work in the yard or around the house. It frustrates him to no end.

He has a great love for his family, present and past. It is unfortunate to see how other family members have treated him in the past, and I vow to never be disrespectful to him. It has been a great sorrow to him, to see the family slowly split apart, and not understand what he could do to repair the rifts.

I love my father, deeply, and I am grateful for the years he spent teaching me to love the scriptures. I find great solace in them, and that is part of my desire to increase my spiritual feasting this year. He encouraged my desire to play the clarinet, encouraged a career in nursing, and to expand and develop my mind. To question the world around me, to watch, and to listen. I have always appreciated his love of education. It is significant to me, that his parents, neither of whom must have had much education, encouraged him to pursue his own increase in knowledge. I am sure I have them to be grateful for that as much as I am my own parents.

I know my dad is not a perfect man, I also know he has done the best he knew at raising a family. All of his children have different challenges, and I know he wishes he could help us all out, but we must learn on our own. Still I will never forget all the prayers on our behalf, that in the long run makes all the difference.

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