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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LDS Journal

I have been looking more into family history options. I have used a program I bought several years ago, but it has some draw backs, mainly that it doesn't support pictures, and I would love to add pictures to some of my journal entries that I type and not write by hand.
Then I found another one last week that I downloaded a free 30 day trial. Now it was a bit tricky to figure out how to use. It has some great features but it is so complicated that I am not sure I would use it on a long term basis.

Today I found LDS Journals. Now it still isn't exactly what I would like but it seems to be closer to the first program I use, with the added ability to add photo's or video media to it. So I am trying it out. I will probably move my notable entries over to it, and work from there. I will probably also put on some of my most favorite blog entries. I will still be a blogger. Blogging has been an addition to my journals, and in someways has completely taking over my personal history use. My blog is a snap shot of me and interests and issues that I think about, but it is not completely honest the way I would like to be. So another place to just type as me, without anyother thoughts will be good. The other thing that is nice with LDS journals is it gives and option to publish the journal to a book. What a great idea! For me it would take awhile to get to that, but think of the options you could have there.

I will still have my handwritten journals, I feel that handwritting is an important part of the legacy, but this maybe an excellent option and addition to those journals. Check it out.

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