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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Beloved Grandpa Bourne, a Great Man

My Grandfather Sidney Bourne

My Father has been recently talking about his family. It has had me thinking, particularly about my love for them, and the respect my parents have taught me in regards to my ancestors and those that are older and sacrificed for me in this life.

This is a picture of my beloved Grandpa Bourne. My dad's father. He is truly a great man in my eyes.

Perhaps, I can say that because I remember him as a young girl, he died when I was a senior in high school, but I don't think that is all. My mother, speaks with him in high regard, I don't think I have ever, ever, heard her say anything against her father-in-law. Oh, we laugh about the fights he and my dad would get into when they would be working on some kind of problem, but when it was all done, it was if nothing ever happened. Problems were just that, a momentary issue, nothing to get all hot and bothered about. Oh, I know she said if someone was on his bad side that was it, but you know what? I think those people would be far and few between.

This is a man, that I know loved his neighbors and they loved him. I know my mother kept bags of tea for him in the house for his visits. Other members of the church would be critical of this action, and mother would say "why?" He is not a member, and I can honor him by having something he enjoys for him. Thank you mom for teaching me that it is not right to expect others to live by our beliefs.

He was friends with a huderite community near his home in Coledale, Alberta. He took care of neighborhood animals, and he gardened. Oh, he loved his garden. Ultimately that is why my father let him die, because with the loss of he feet, and perpetual amputations after than, my grandfather would have been miserable. It was one time, quality of life meant so much more than quantity of life.

I remember being a little girl, coming home from school. We could see our house from the school ground, and if we saw his car we could not get home fast enough. We looked forward to Grandpa Bourne visits on the weekend. He would come up every few weeks, at least monthly I would guess, and oh what a happy time it was. He would bring homemade pies, usually not the kind I wanted, but who cares, they were all good. Mince, cherry, lemon Meringue, apple, and mock apple. He made shortbread cookies, and always, always cooked yummy food for us when we were there, pike, corn fritters, french fries, yummy eggs and vegetable marrow for breakfast. We always had fun when Grandpa came to visit. We were always sad when he left, but he did something very special before he left. He would load us up in his little blue car and drive us to the "china man's store". (This was a store owned by people that were Chinese and lived in our neighborhood.) There he would buy each of us a candy treat, what ever we wanted in his price range, usually that 10 cents that most basic candy and candy bars cost at the time. It wasn't much, but oh, how those little trips meant so much to us. He wasn't a man of wealth and means, but he was a man that had wealth and means full in his heart.

He was one of the Greatest men I ever knew.

He would come visit us for Halloween, and he and my mother would take us out trick or treating, taking turns in the cold Calgary air. He seemed to love it, and we loved him doing it. He would come for Christmas, and we would have so much fun. We would sit on his lap and we would play with his dentures, teasing us with them. I remember him singing, he loved to sing, but the only one I really remember is Danny Boy, that is why it is on my song list, because of my memory of him.

There is more, memories my dad tells me that I never knew because they happened long before I was born.

I guess growing up, his mother didn't do much, and neither did his sisters, he did all the cleaning and cooking in the house. I guess that is how he learned to make all the good food he fed us. He honored his mother, and loved her. He knew how to be a son.

My dad has told me in this past month, that Grandpa Bourne knew how to be a husband.

When my dad was born several week premature, and was so little they thought they would loose him, my grandpa took care of him. I think my Grandmother was so sick he had to take care of her too, and when she was better she was too scared to take care of my dad because he was so little. Maybe that is why my dad was so close to his dad. I never met my Grandmother, at least in this life, she died before I was born. But from what I have heard my Grandfather loved her very much, and always treated her well. I have heard he adored her and from what I experienced from him, I would believe it.

He also knew how to be a Father.
I mentioned that he and my dad would get into fights when they were working on a project. Well that is because he would come up and work with my father on projects that needed to be done in the house. Whether it was finishing a part of the house that needed to be done, or remodeling an existing room, if my dad needed help, he was there. He would help watch us kids when my parents had to leave for various reasons, he was there, the way you would expect fathers to be there for their children. I can also say, my dad was there for him when he needed his son.

He had a great capacity to love. He never joined the church, I never knew him to be a religious man, but he seemed to embody the meaning of charity in his soul. He had a capacity to love those around him. He truly is someone I try to honor and uphold. Never in my wildest dreams would I think of treating him or his name with disrespect. He has shaped me as much as my parents, and my siblings. I don't have his capacity to share and be charitable, but I am trying to remember it as an example to me.

I know my parents have always tried to share and give when they can. I know they learned it from him. I am so grateful for their example, I will do my best to not forget it and hold it in my heart.

I love you Grandpa Bourne, thank you for all you taught me, and all you continue to teach me.

You are a Giant of a man!

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