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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hide and Seak

One of the games Kendra and Abbie love to play is Hide and Seak, particularly with their dad. I love to hear the giggles and laughter throughout the house. Up and down they go, all around. Abbie has found a new hiding place that she thinks is cool, thanks to Michael, the bathtub. She hides there, it is the first place she looks for someone, very funny.
Kendra now really plays the games. Michael was in the open hiding with a bag in front of his face. Grinning at him, she turns and starts to look in other places, occassionally looking back at him with the same silly grin. "Daddy where are you?" she calls as she looks in other places. At last she goes up to him, moves the bag aside and says, "There you are Daddy!" and giggles.
When it is their turn to hide, it is easy to locate them. Just listen for the laughter peeling from where they are concealed.

Now the new game, they hide their dolls, and then the other has to find them. Pretty creative play if I say so myself.

They bring me much joy to watch.

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