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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Virgin Washing the Swadling, two versions

In our families search for wonderful new Christmas Carols, we found "The Virgin Washes the Swadling an old Spanish Carol. I have included two versions in this post, because well, I love them both, how can I pick between two?
The first is for my beloved husband. He loves the spanish language, and even though I have had no desire to learn to speak it, I love Placido Domingo's version of the song. The quality here is not so good, I looked at a version by the three tenors, but I still like this arrangement better. There is something about listening to it in the language it was writen in, by a male voice. I feel the spirit of the song deeply to the depth of my soul.

The second is by Madame Kiri Te Kanawa. As opposed to the Domingo version it is sung in English, with not an exact traslation. I personally like this translation better than others I have heard. Rather than adore The Child, it is Worship the infant, it seems to flow better in my mind. I love how the female voice gives the love and care that Mary would have used if she were singing a lulaby to the infant child.

Enjoy them, close your eyes and listen to the beauty and simplicity of the melody sung by two great voice talents.

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