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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Plans for the New Year

I know Christmas hasn't even arrived yet, and I am talking New Years already.
Noelie and I were talking the other day about trying to get our eating figured out. I realize that the holidays for me are not the time to get back to good habits, although I can do my best, to go cold turkey will be impossible. (I do plan on eating lots of turkey warm or cold when I get back to it)
Time to pull out my Schwarzbein books, that I have ignored in 3 years. Time to pull out Bernsteins Diabetic solution and glean his truths of diabetes and insulin control back in my brain and heart. Time to read, good calorie, bad calorie and get it ingrained into my soul.
I have been eating way too many, and I mean way too many carbs the past three years. I need to stop giving into the depression and the cravings, and work on over coming them. I did it before, lost 50 lbs, and as soon as I stopped doing what I know works, I have gained it all back in spades.
Time to say no to bread, and sweets, no to my beloved chocolate, (back to making chocolate peanut butter cups lowcar style made with bittersweet chocolate and stevia.) Time to say, I don't need those carbs that increase my insulin and then the fat in my body.
Time to say hello to the good fats, and protien. Time to eat more salads and fresh vegetables again.
I'm writing this now, to get it set in my head that I have a plan, a goal, and a purpose in this next year. I don't need the irritability of insulin problems in my body. I'm too angry, to frustrated, and too not myself when I am on the stuff. All it does is make me use up my precious seretonin levels, rather than having it as it should be.
Nope, I am sick of who I am eating like this, I was much happier before when I ate a good meal of protein, good fats, and a nice salad to the side. Don't need the desert, or the sweets or the pototoes or the bread. God gave me the answer years ago, time to remind myself of that again.

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