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Monday, December 15, 2008

Nutcracker Memories

One of my best Christmas memories occurred my sophomore year in highschool. Our highschool orchestra was asked to play the accomaniment for the American Fork Regional ballet company which performed the ballet every christmas season. This was a small ballet company in Utah Valley that always did a great performance of this ballet, and this was the first year they were going to try it with a live orchestra. They auditioned three or four groups, 2 highschool and a couple of regional orchestra's in the area, and we got the nod. After, 2 months of practice we performed the ballet, and had a great time doing it. The first rehersals with the ballet company was a disaster, we couldn't keep the time they wanted. Since we had only two months to practice(really closer to 6 or 7 weeks of school time) most of the music had only 3 or 4 rehersal time. IT was hard, but our conductor, Kevin Call, knew we could do it.

For me the one I had the most difficulty with was the Waltz of the Flowers. The timing for the clarinet solo's was a challenge, we played the music fast! This was because they brought dancers from the Northwest Ballet company to fill in some of the more difficult roles, and they like the music fast. Everything was quick, to the point that I had a hard time finding music I could listen to because it was allllll so slow. When they show the ballets every christmas on PBS it drives me nuts to listen to the slow pace of the music. Finally the movie came out and the soundtrack was the right speed, thanks to the use of the same Pacific Northwest Ballet company.

I remember being amazed at the amount of music the First clarinet part had. When I compared the number of pages I had to the other parts in the score, only the first violinist had more pages of music than I did.

I think what I appreciated the most, was the challenge, this was the first really, really difficult thing I had done. It was the first year I was sitting first in the orchestra and I was just learning the ability I had. Thanks to a great private teacher, he expanded my capibilities and I was able to do something I had never dreamed of doing before.

So here are some clips from the movie I found on youtube, with the speed we played the music.
And remember we did it as a Highschool group, the entire production, (not just the suit) and the dancers from Seattle, said we were the best orchestra they worked with because we would do what they wanted.

Waltz of the Flowers.

Waltz of the snowflakes, the first section of this is one of my favorite parts, the music always gave me chills. I concider it inspired music.

Arabian Dance for my Sister Cindy

Pas De Duex, my mother's favorite peice.

Dance of the Sugar Plum fairy. (in this version, it is Clara.)

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