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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Gift memories

I think I had mentioned that I went with my mother to her ward's Relief Society activity a couple of weeks ago. The speaker said something that I really puzzled over, in fact, I still am. She was trying to get the sisters to focus on Giving Christ and God a gift this year, throughout the year. She said "you never remember what you get for Christmas." I thought, wait "I remember what I get for Christmas." Perhaps I don't remember every gift given to me, but I remember many, many gifts starting with gifts I received as a little girl, so here is a run down of gifts I remember getting.

1. a doll when I was little that I really loved
2. A airplane play set for barbie dolls. I never played with dolls much, but I got it from Santa one year, and I loved it. I played with it until it wore out.
3. a gumby set, with a gumby and a horse.
4. lots and lots of different pigs
5. some skin care stuff but a company I don't remember the name of, but it was something I wanted and I got them.
6. a binder with a pack of mulitcolored paper.
7. When Iwas a teenager, I asked for a teddy bear. I always wanted one, but I never got one, and boy did I get one. I thought it would be a little thing, but it was a big beautiful brown bear. I still have it, and I love it. For years I would lean on it in bed while I would read, and I called him nutmeg.
8. A monkey my sister got me when she lived back east, and a cute snake that I wrapped around my bed post.
9. a necklace of a pegasus, a poster, and shirt that also had a pegasus on it.
10. Bryer's horses
11. Chronicle of Narnia books.
12. a sleeping bag
13. a stero cabinet, that I still have
14. my husband has given me rings, necklaces and jewlery
15. I have been given two nice jewlery boxes
16. I remember gifts from my Grandpa Bourne, jewlery boxes, doll house furniture.
17. Christmas ornaments. Infact, I remember the First Christmas Michael and I spent as husband and wife, he gave me some ornaments we still hang on the tree, and my mother came into our house and placed ornaments on our tree as a surprise gift.
18. lots of scrapbooking supplies
19. money when we really needed it
20. Food on our doorstep, not just cookies, but a basket of food which we desparately needed
21. A beautiful picture of the 1st vision from my inlaws that I absolutely love. It is in our bedroom right now, but I look forward to having it in my family room when we finally get it done.

I have received so many things, and I am grateful for them all. I love this time of year because I love to give gifts, and I love to receive gifts as I remind myself of the greatest gift that we have been given. The Gift of God's Son. So am I odd that I can remember so much, I know this is a fraction, but I wouldn't want to bore you with everything I remember. I know I could write down hundreds. Gifts from my husband's siblings, some that have very little themselves so the sacrifice on their part to share with us, never, ever, goes by my recognition. I'm not great at writing thankyou cards, but I always say prayers of thanks.
I know when I buy gifts I try to think and pray about what would be most appropriate. Sometimes I do well, sometimes not so well. Perhaps, it is the focus on my own gift giving, in trying to do meaningful gifts that it helps me remember and be grateful for all I have been given?
I'm not sure. All I know is when she said "We never remember what we get for Christmas", I all of a sudden felt a bit odd, and out of sync. How about you? Can you remember gifts you have been given, even as far back as you can remember?

Marvelous Toy (Tom Paxton)
When I was just a wee little lad full of health and joy
My father homeward came one night and gave to me a toy
A wonder to behold, it was, with many colors bright
And the moment I laid eyes on it it became my heart's delight

It went "zip" when it moved and "bop" when it stopped
And "whirr" when it stood still
I never knew just what it was and I guess I never will.

The first time that I picked it up, I had a big surprise
For right on its bottom were two big buttons that looked like big green eyes.
I first pushed one and then the other, and then I twisted its lid
And when I set it down again, this is what it did: (REFRAIN)

It first marched left and then marched right
And then marched under a chair
And when I looked where it had gone, it wasn't even there:
I started to sob and my daddy laughed, for he knew that I would find,
When I turned around, my marvelous toy, chugging from behind. (REFRAIN)

Well, the years have gone by too quickly, it seems,
I have my own little boy
And yesterday I gave to him my marvelous little toy.
His eyes nearly popped right out of his head
And he gave a squeal of glee,
Neither one of us knows just what it is,
but he loves it, just like me.

It still goes "zip" when it moves and "bop" when it stops
And "whirr" when it stands still
I never knew just what it was and I guess I never will.

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