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Monday, December 29, 2008

Alive in Your Love

As always, we had a wonderful Christmas. It is a joy to get together with family, visit and remember good times. I love to watch the joy in the faces of my children as they open the gifts that I hope they will like and love.

I could go on about gifts given and received, but I don't want to do that here on this forum, that is more for my private journals. One I wanted to mention is actually something I chose.

Michael's brother and his wife sent us gift cards to Deseret Book, perfect for a book lover like me. The irony is that I did not pick a book, Michael bought three with the card and birthday money he still needed to spend, I picked a statue.

Alive in Your Love, part of the Circle of Love by Kim Lawrence

I spotted the figurine as we approached the line, not completely sastisfied with what I had chosen even though I knew I would enjoy them. This work of art touched me, as I remember the love of my Michael. So I looked at him and said, "If we have enough points to go with the card, I want that", as I pointed to the statue. He smiled, and said he wanted to by it for me when he was at BYU looking but he didn't have time to get it. (Work was calling him back for some reason.) :)
I guess it was meant to be, and now it is sitting in our curio cabinet.
I love you my husband.

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