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Monday, November 24, 2008

What I am grateful for.

The Irishman did a 20 things I am grateful for. I figured I would do it today. After all it is close to Thanksgiving, and who knows if I will get a chance to blog before Thursday.

1. Jesus Christ. Over the past day I have become more grateful for our Savior and how remarkable his life was and is to this day. I read somewhere yesterday, on another blog, a comment that the person believed that Christ sinned and atoned for his own sins before he did ours. He thought that to be sinless diminished him in his eyes. I was sad to read this comment from a former member of the church. It showed to me out personal apostasy can decrease the understanding of God's plan. How can the Savior being sinless, unspotted, clean, diminish him in our eyes. To be sinless did not take aways the pain and suffering of this life, it does not take away the power of temptation. In fact, I personally believe that Satan would have worked more temptation on the Son of God than any of us can imagine. That is what makes him great in my eyes, is that he could resist, he could say no. In the end he could say "Thy will be done." Being perfect is not to be sinless, it is to be complete and whole, His perfection was not complete until He obtained his resurrected body to return to the Father's presence. Then he was Perfect.
I am so grateful that he did for me, what I can not do for myself. IF as this person believes he had to atone for his own sins, then why do we need a Savior at all? We all could then go through the same process and according to the Holy Scriptures we know that it is not so.
I am grateful for the being that could and would, and did, do this marvelous act of love for each of us.

2. I am grateful for my husband. He is so patient, so kind, and helpful to me. He encourages me when I feel down about myself. He loves me for who I am, never asking me to change, even though I have many faults to correct. Thank you Michael for being you.

3. I am grateful for my children. They have the ability to make me laugh, and cry, sometimes at the same time. They have good hearts, and that is what counts in the long term. They are quick to forgive their mother which is a good thing for me.

4. I am grateful for music. I love the sounds of good music. If you listen to the music on my blog, you know there is a variety of things I like. I love how my soul feels when I listen to something glorious. I love how I feel when I pick my clarinet up and play a few notes. I love to sing the words of the Hymns of the gospel. Music is a part of my life that I am grateful I have had a chance to experience and share.

5. I am grateful for the rest of my family. Too many to name, but I love them all. I wish them all the best in life, and hope that happiness will follow them where ever they maybe or travel.

6. I am grateful for good friends. The kind that love me despite my faults and failings. The kind that forgive me for my strong opinions when I should perhaps keep quiet. The kind that forgive me for the stupid, inconsiderate things I do and say sometimes. The kind that have stuck with me over the years and never gave up on me. There are a few of them, you know who you are. Thanks to you all.

7. I am grateful for the scriptures. I remember studying them with my father as a teenage girl. If I had a gospel question, I could ask him and we would search them together to find answers. He taught me a love for the scriptures that I have never forgotten. Even when I am struggling to read every day, I remember the love I have for them, and always return.

8. I am grateful for the smell of rain. Living in Calgary as a girl, I remember lots of rain. I loved the smell. We don't get it that much in Utah and I miss it. I love to sound, the smells, and how green it looks after a good downpour. I love the site of a rainbow after a good rain.

9. I am grateful for books. Books are my friends. I don't have a great imagination myself, but I admire those that do. Even books I don't care for much, the author I can appreciate the effort it took for that person to write, submit and persevere to get the thing published.

10. Games, I love to play games with my family. The hardest part is figuring out which one to pull out!

11. My house. Some time I feel it is too small, but only because it needs to be dejunked and finished. I love the area, and now a church is going up around the corner. Walking to church will be a breeze now. Before, I always had a hard time walking because it is hard to find shoes that fit correctly, so my feet often burn that walking home, even a short distance seems too much.

12. Dogs. I love dogs, how they like to cuddle, and be a friend. I'm not a cat person, but I do like the like things that bark. The love so unconditionally, what a wonderful gift.

13. I'm grateful for glasses. I can't imagine what it would have been like to not be able to see and live life in a blur.

14. I'm grateful for my calling. I enjoy teaching, and I really enjoy being able to teach the words of Joseph Smith. I am learning so much and my testimony of this man increases every lesson.

15. I am grateful for things that make life easier, you know, stoves, fridges, indoor plumbing. :)

16. I am grateful for a good education. Something I am sure I take for granted because not many in the world are so blessed.

17. I am grateful for the sun. It might make me sneeze, but to see it shine brings joy to my heart.

18. I am grateful for the beauty of the Earth. I love the mountains, lakes and streams. The ocean crashing against the shore. All the creatures that live in it. (As long as I don't have to see some of them, I know they all have a purpose.)

19. I am grateful to learn of my ancestors. I have so much to learn and so much to do for them, but as I search them out, I start to place myself in their shoes, and I realize how blessed I truly am.

20. I am grateful for freedom. I think we are living in a time where freedom is misunderstood, and not appreciated. I am grateful for those that are willing to give everything so that we can live the way we choose.

If you do this, let me know.

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