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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Temple Square Pictures

My sister, Noelie, was married on Thursday. I took a quick trip to temple square to celebrate the occasion with her and her children. Before the dinner I wandered around temple square for a bit, and decided to take a few pictures. I'm not the greatest at picture taking, but here are some shots that I enjoyed taking. It was dark outside, and no lights in most of the area, so I was testing out the old camera to actually see what it could do in poor lighting.

This is an image at the large reflecting pool in the center of the Plaza east of the Temple. It is prepared for Christmas with the Nativity in the center of the pool. I tried to get an angle that would show the edge of the pool to give some kind of dimension and point of reference.

A couple of shots of the temple. I'm not sure why the first was blurry since I was not moving at the time of the picture.

A shot of the Eastern Front entrance of the temple. Taken at the far east side of the Reflecting pool.

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