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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Satan's point of View.

Many, many years ago I had the opportunity to attend Education week at BYU. I love Education week, I love how I feel after 4 days of taking gospel related classes. I can't describe the feelings I have of strength that I obtain from attending. This particualar year I took a class by Brother Victor Ludlow. Now, I don't remember the name of the class, but I know in the 4 days it compared the views and history of the Muslims, Jews and Latter-day Saints. It was an interestering class. I will never forget his discussion about the Halocast. I remember him talking about that he could never find a reason for this terrible part of human history, he tried to look at it through the Jews eyes, the eyes of the Germans, he even tried to see it through God's eyes. He couldn't come up with an understanding, until he looked at it through the eyes of Satan. Why would Satan want the destruction of a race of people? What good would it serve him. The answer is obvious then, with the desctruction of the Jewish people, Christ would not be able to return to earth, the prophecies of God would not be fulfilled and Satan could continue to have power on the Earth.

This idea was an interesting concept to me. Trying to look at things through Satan's eyes. What are his purposes in many of our social struggles of the day. The concept of marriage for homosexuals is a good one. Society would like to say there is no problem, that their rights are infringed to not have "marriage" attatched to their relationships.

I have seen thoughts on other blogs stating that God/Jesus would allow it. I don't think so. There is nothing in the scriptures that would make me think so. Would they want all people treated with dignity and respect yes. So the question that I ponder is what is it Satan hopes to do with this issue. I haven't completely wrapped my mind around it, but I know it is there.

I know he is trying to create rifts in the restored church. He is trying to get people to turn from the revealed declaration in the Proclamation to the World on the Family. I can imagine more problems with doing genealogy for those that have died. Satan is always about counterfiet priesthood. If we believe in Eternal marriage, it matters, if you don't, then it would not matter, but it does. I believe it does.

I find it very interesting to see all the complaints from people about how horrible our church leaders are, how uncompassionate they are. It is ironic that at this time, when perhaps the most compassionate apostle now carries the mantle of prophet, he is not uncompassionate. I think it goes to show how little people know of President Monson. Here is a man, more than anyother that would be at the bedsides of those suffering from aids.

Interesting, if from Satan's view, he would want the world to see this fine man, to be cruel and uncaring when the opposite would be true.

So tell me, my readers, what issues do you struggle with, when looked at from Satan's point of view gives a clarity and understanding of the events in the world and how it leads to the Second Coming of Christ? Let me know.

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