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Saturday, November 08, 2008

A mirad of thoughts

Today my husband and I attended a genealogy fair for our stake, teaching different ways and resourced for family research and writing personal histories. This was very enjoyable and a great activity our stake has started a year or two ago.

Then I am browsing around the internet. I'm not finding anything on the LDS feminists blogs about the protests and vandalism around the Los Angels temple, no they have to keep harping about the "cruelty of the church" as well. They might as well be out there with the protesters. If you would like to see a bit more of what is going on there, and how bad it is, go here to TF Sterns blog, you will read a great article about the situation. If it does not concern you as to where the homosexual community would like to push the issue this gives a good idea. They would not stop at marriage in general, nope, I don't think so from reading this.

Then I am finding reports on Obama's plan to require civil service for Americans. Some say Youth, but it seems to be much more than that. This is not something I like at all. I can easily see that if some of his ideas pass, I will be most definitely homeschool, and you can ask anyone, I have been against homeschooling for years. (At least for myself, I am not that great of a teacher, much too impatient.) Check out this article that discusses the issue further. This is an issue that should be watched closely in the coming years.

I have also heard more on the so called fairness doctrine. I tried to find an article I heard referenced the other day, without luck, so that issue will have to wait.

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