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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I am dismayed this morning

I knew it would happen, I have for months. Sure enough it has. Somehow this country has voted in a man that I never would have imagined would have taken office. After the events of Septemeber 11, 2001, I never thought we would.

We voted in a man with close ties to a terrorist. Something that I would not have predicted after that horrible day. I remember what it felt like. Obviously the majority of voters in this country do not. How could we vote in a man with ties to Willaim Ayers? A man that bombed the WTC years earlier, and has said he would do it again. How could we vote in a man, with ties to people that HATE this country, and Hate is a mild word in this case.

Policy differences aside, I would not imagine it.

For members of my church that voted for him, I am shocked that they would concider a man with close ties and associations with secret combinations. ACORN, William Ayers and others. A man that has shown his ability to "open" sealed records of oponents, and yet his own birth record remains sealed. How has his eligibility to even run for the highest office of this county be proven?

I was not a fan of John McCain, but at least I knew of his love for his country, and would fight for our defense.

Now we have a president that will look to weaken our national defense. He, from an interview I heard yesterday, believes that his middle name of Hussein, will soften the hearts of the youth in islam. WHAT? People that hate America, will hate us, no matter what your middle name is. IF you are not Muslim, and hate America as much as they do, they will not change their mind.

Life will go on, but I tell you this much. We will not be spending as much the next four years. I will be paying off bills faster, saving more, because frankly, I don't believe the powers in charge will be happy saying "250,000" a year is enough. I have heard democrats state, that 75,000 a year is wealthy. Nope, middle class America, you will become the "rich" of the nation as the socialist power will try to grab as much from us as they can.

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