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Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Fun Times

My parents came to listen to my Relief Society lesson yesterday and stayed for dinner afterward.
After a yummy pot of clam chowder, (my dad made, and not so good for a lowcarb gal, but soooo yummy) and later a dessert dished up that Michael helped me make, (apple/cranberry crisp) we had some fun.

My Dad had given us his accordian a few years ago, and it has stayed in the basement untouched, until the past couple of weeks. Collin has shown and interest in the intsrument so he has pulled it out and practiced it a bit. Good thing for Collin, he can play a bit by ear, he does not get that gift from me. Collin brought the instrument upstairs, and my Dad fiddled with it a bit. He doesnt' remember much of how to play it, but it was so fun to see him try. I remember him playing it when I was a girl a few times. Luckily, I had my camera near by and I took a couple of snapshots of him playing.

My Mom and Dad, mom enjoying desert, my Dad with his Accordian.

Kendra and Abbie Dancing, Kendra in Red, Abbie in blue

Twirling their dresses around, and around

What pretty little dancers.

My two little girls earlier in the day, were dancing around to some music on the Laurence Welk show. We have KBYU on to listen to the devotionals and other programs offered on Sunday mornings and I had not turned the TV off yet in the living room. They were dancing and twirling in their new Christmas Dresses my mom bought them last week. (The ones they are wearing in the pictures taken last Thursday.) I had to take pictures of that as well.

My lesson seemed to go, okay, I haven't been able to discern how I feel about it yet. I had compliments on it, and I know there wasn't anything I would have changed. I think I was a bit disoriented from the noise in the room, lots of external talking going on, but then I think the Second Coming topic can do that. I tried to focus on the positive things and focus on the words of Joseph Smith.

Natasha brought her boyfriend by on Saturday night and we shared dinner with him, and played Settlers of Catan, and Hand and Foot afterward. He seemed to enjoy the crazy game of Hand and Foot.

Natasha just called me and it seems that she did well on her Viola audition so she can major in Music. Apparently, she needs to be in that major to do Music Therapy. More info to come after she gets home from campus.

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