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Thursday, November 13, 2008

An evening with Relief Society Sisters

What a pleasant evening I had last night. I had to fight with my inner self all day to go to the Relief Society holiday dinner. It is one I usually love, and miss every now and then. I finally decided to go, because I know I would enjoy it, and I need to take care of my spiritual needs.

We had a small "Progressive" dinner. As we arrived at the church we were each given a small paper maple leaf of some color, mine was yellow. This assigned us to a party and we were given our itinerary. Then we traveled to three separate homes, where I sister had something for us to taste, and a spiritual thought to share. We then were to state something we were grateful for.
1 place had vegetables and a thought by President Hinckley another had hot chocolate and a Song by Josh Grobin, and the other had an artichoke dip with crackers, and a scripture on gratitude from the Book of Mormon.

We then traveled back to the church for our main dish. They had chicken cordon blue, rice, roll and a jello salad. I could only eat the chicken, as the rice was cold, and the jello was too sweet, I avoided the roll too. For desert they had mint icecream pies. I did eat a small amount but I could tell that the sugar was too much so I did not finish my piece.

Our speaker, was really good. He talked about the future, and our roll in being examples and bringing the gospel truth to others. Not so much in the missionary sense, but in holding to our standards in a world that is trying to whittle away and the precious truths and moral issues of the day. I could not give specifics, but what I got from it is the need to develop my own spiritual and moral center, so I can help shape and nurture the spiritual needs of my family. I came home with much to ponder and think about. Sometimes I do feel like Martha, cumbered and worried about many things. If I can let go of some of those issues I am bound to become more faithful. Trust me this is not a put down of Martha, somehow I see a woman that was seeking the good things as much as her sister, but was trying to be responsible at the same time. What I gain from that story is balance is so important, and sometimes it is okay to just let things go. (Even if it is driving you crazy!)

What I liked about this activity was it was before Thanksgiving. So often it is during Christmas, which I love, but it was nice to focus on Gratitude for a change. At the end of the evening we were given Gratitude journals. I think I am going to use mine for scriptures and quotes I find, as well as my own thoughts and moments of thankfulness.

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