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Friday, November 07, 2008

Church Humanitarian aid and welfare

I went toExponent II yesterday, hoping they would have ideas for the Joseph Smith lesson #21 up. I dont' usually use their ideas, depending on the spirit to guide my own thoughts. Still sometimes I find it helpful or interesting to see others thoughts on the lessons. They did not have it up, but instead had a rather scathing article about the passage of prop 8. Many of the comments were putting down the efforts of the church in welfare and humanitarian aid stating that they could have used the money to help the poor. This is one of my biggest problems with people critical of the church and church leaders. I have worked with them, always, always they say that money should be used to help the poor, not build expensive temples. I remember reading a quote once that only the people that willingly pay honest tithes and offerings are the ones that do not complain about the use of such funds.

Today I open up the current issue of the New Era, and there one page 39 are some statistics of the humanitarian efforts.

Since 1985, 750,900,000 donated (US value dollars) in material assistance. That means in many cases that dollar is really used well. I know that it is less expensive to buy vaccines for other countries than it is in the US itself. I am sure that holds true for other goods as well.

400,000 infants saved in developing countries with the Newborn Resuscitation training. These courses were taught in 23 countries this past year. I don't recall when this started, but I do know that programs like this started years ago when I worked at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. Many of the Neonatologists, nurses, respitory therapists and others participated in these programs. I don't know if they were part of the church programs at the time, but all medical personel donated their time in this project, including paying for their own transportation.

950,ooo people helped with fresh water
60,537 wheelchairs given
9,100 vision treatments.

I know that many of these programs will grow as they can, I think it is wonderful what has happened, and I love that fact that I know when I donate to the humanitarian/PEF that many people are being helped that I could not personally help. I know that the humanitarian aid works with other charitable organizations to be sure the funds and goods get to the great need in the world.

I'm one lowly person, with limited funds, and in this way my few dollars are going to help those people that I don't know. Sometimes I would like to do more, and I continue to hope that I will be blessed to find the ways and means to do so. It may seem like easy charity, but my gifts are not to identify those in need, probably blocked by my own selfish nature. Out there there are people with that gift, knowledge and passion. Maybe they do my work for me, but since I choose to go that route, I honestly cannot complain can I? I mean, once you give away control of your money, you are letting someone else determine the good it will do. IF you don't like what the church does with your money, then my advice is do something else. I can only hope that I will be blessed for what little I do and try to pass on the blessings I do get. My few dollars, added to the few dollars goes farther than if I tried to do it on my own.

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