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Monday, November 03, 2008

Are you a one issue voter?

I have been reading several blogs again, many that seem to have the opinion if you are pro-life that your vote for a republican is a one issue vote.
I know for my self that is not the case. True, abortion is top of my list. How we treat our unborn babies is a reflection on how we are going to treat the rest of the world, but is it the only issue that defines my vote. I would say not.
(on a side note, I hate how the opposite side likes to claim that War is worse than abortions.)

What else defines my choices in elections.

1. economic policies. I am not for socialism in general. I think the greatness of this country is that we have opportunity to choose what we do, and we can work hard for what we earn. I do think some social policies are good for a country in general in that they can support and help those in need to get on their feet or raise healthy children. Welfare, that is without limits is a problem for me. We should be encouraging people to work, not take free unlimited handouts.

2. standing up for consititional rights and law, not looking to outside sources for the law, but working within the consitiutional framework.(So yes, I am pro gun rights.)

3. Moral integrity. This can be harder to define as every candatate has flaws, as we all do, so I look at how the candidate has choosen to live their life as a whole.

4. Love for the country they wish to serve.

5. How do they feel about the defense and military of the country.? Do they wish to downgrade our military, do they support them in times of conflict?

6. Court justice nominations that will uphold the constitution and law, not try to make law.

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