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Monday, October 06, 2008

Sister Dalton's Talk

I go to check out LDSelect to see if there is anything new and interesting there. Of course the ladies at FMH are at it again. They would like to deny it, but they are. What is it about a strong, conservative woman (assuming that Sister Dalton is even a conservative, she could be democrat as far as we all know), that gets them being critical of every talk a woman gives. Now, I will admit, I would generally perfer to listen to the men speak than women. It comes down to feeling like men talk to me as an equal, not women talking to me as a child, as women are prone to do, especially if they have worked in the primary for any amount of time. That is why I don't go to women's conference, and many times shut off the devotionals given by women. There are the exceptions though, Sister Dew, Sister Tanner, Sister Holland, just to name a few.

Sister Dalton, at times I love listening to her, other times so much, but this conference I really enjoyed her talk.
Virtue, what is it, how is it defined. It just is not a woman trait but one men need to develope as well. It isn't just sexual purity but an integrity that goes deep and internal. How much are we willing to hold on to what is right and true. Are we going to stand up to all the principles of the gospel, and fight for what is right among the trials of life and living in the world.

I can name people who were virtuous, some I know, some are in the scriptures and in history. How do you define Virtue. Why is the feminists want to tear it apart. Why are they so threatened by a concept non of us should feel threatened. I know I need to work on my virtue, I am not the most compassionate person, I think that is part of virtue. I am not as honest as I would like to be, that is part of virtue, and I get angry much to easy. I think Virtue is that inner strenght to know that you can bend to the winds of life and not be broken because you are firm in your roots and foundation. Virtue can not be taken or torn away. It is part of one's character.

Thank you Sister Dalton, for such a reminder. I know I needed it.

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