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Monday, October 27, 2008

Play, Play, Play, and Play it again!

Cheers! My clarinet needed a new pad. Took it in, got it replaced, bent a key back a bit, and now it works like wonders. Collin handed it to me to try, and I could hit a High A. You know, the kind of note that no self respecting composer would ever make a clarinet play, (Are you listening Stravinsky?) I could get it. It was a bit rough around the edges, and sounded more like a squeek than a note, but for a moment, just a brief one, I could hear the tone! So here I thought it was me all along that was struggling with the note, and low and behold it was the clarinet needing a key fixed.

I tried out a few other basic skills moving from one note to the high with the same fingering, and it was smooth, no break, no problems with air getting through the horn! Now if I were still playing in the orchestra, I would say I was back in business.

Otherwise it is Collin, go play, play, play!

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