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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Miracle

Michael, Natasha, Collin, Kendra and Abbie all took a trip to SLC to see temple square and the conference center last Saturday. I stayed home since I wasn't feeling well. The girls loved, loved, going on Trax, and were pretty good for them, until the end. I am sure they were tired and HUNGRY!
Unfortunately, they left a small diaper bag, with a pull ups and pair of jeans inside, on the train. Abbie, although fairly potty trained, sometimes still has small accidents, so I figured they might could use a spare set of clothes for an emergency.

Today, UTA had the bag in the lost in found. The bag is a nice bag, I have used it as a purse, and the Jeans are a very cute pair with embroydery on it, with butterflies, cats, and flowers. So today, I took a quick, long trip on the trax, to pick it up in downtown SLC. It was nice to get it back, just because it shows there are honest people out there, when it could have been a very tempting thing to take.

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