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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't Fall in.

I was talking to Michael and Collin about some of my difficulty with some of the liberal members of the church and their stance against Proposition 8, in California. Not that I have trouble with their opinion, but it is some of the things they say that really trouble me. Comments degrading the insipiration of the leaders of the church for starters, but then the judgements against those of us that support it or would support it if we lived there.
I think what gets me the most is when they say, Jesus, would allow gay marriage. I always stop and think, since when? When did Jesus ever, ever, ever condone sin or acts of sin, and marriage would not negate the fact that homosexual acts are sin. NOTICE I did not say the homosexual is sinful, many are not, so please don't accuse me of being a homophone. The truth is he always, always, called the sinner to repentance.
Look at the woman taken in adultery, what did he tell her? "Go your way and sin no more."

I asked Collin what Jesus said to the Woman at the Well, do you know what his reply was?

"Don't fall in."

Michael and I of course had a great chuckle at the expense of our son, and to his credit, he didn't hear the entire question. Don't fall in, rather good advice I would dare say. Don't fall in with Evil concepts and ideas and you will be safe. Jesus would love the sinner, he always did, but he called them, and us all to repentance, to turn away from sin and evil and hold fast to righteousness.
Now, that doesn't mean compassion for those that struggle with SSA is not to be. That is what the Saviour would suggest, we are to love our neighbor, despite any wrong doing, and faults because we all have them. There are social changes that does need to be made, and should be addressed for all people. A significant other should always be allowed access to visit in hospital, or other situations. That is exactly what He would say. There are many, many ways that compassion and care can be shown, and to have opposition to the concept for marriage should not define compassion or care. Unfortunately, I think society tends to want to say otherwise and that is a travisty.

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