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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Deryni Rising- Movie? I hope

I know I have mentioned my love for Katherine Kurtz's Deryni Novels. Her first one, writen at that age of 17, in the early 70's, maybe made into a movie!

I found this comment in a chat log, here's hoping it comes to pass!

Oh, and keep a good thought. It looks like the script of DR is going to sell. It's gone to legal. More reports next week,I hope.

Here is a bit of background on the story.

Brion, the King of Gwynedd is murdered, leaving his young teenage son, Kelson, king admist trying times. The only way Kelson has to protect his rights and survive is to unlock the magic destiny that is his, against the wishes of his mother, and fanatical religious leaders.

The Deryni are a race of people with magical/extrasensory abilities, that has left them in conflict with normal humans for centuries. Although Deryni Rising is not her best book, first books rarely are, but it is a great story for a movie. I would love to see it become a sucess, the characters are rich, and well developed. The settings is reminisent of Midivile England, Scotland and Ireland. She tackles the concepts of predjuce in a manner that gets you thinking. Can you tell, I love her books. After reading them, there are few novels that satisfy me the way her books do. Even the worst of her books are better than some of the most popular books out there. (Can anyone say Twilight!) All though this is a series of books with a fantasy background, they are as much historical in feel. I have found people that are not fans of fantasy, that enjoy her books.

From my research into Katherine Kurtz, she, after Tolkien and Lewis, can be concidered the founder of modern fantasy. Before her books there were not many fantasy books on the shelves, other than Lord of the Rings and a few others novels. After her first books the fantasy genre took off. I would encourage anyone to pick up her books and try them.
Since she does write in trilogy, start with any of the following sets is my recommendation.

1. Deryni Rising- Her first book, and simplest story. Great for teenagers. It is not hard to like Kelson. (first book in the Chronicles of the Deryni)


Camber of Culdi- roughly 200 years before Deryni Rising, starts the history and legend of Saint Camber. (First book in the Legends of Saint Camber)

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