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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I just saw this up at Michele Malkin's Blog. I'm angry! Very, very angry. Where are all the feminists yelling! They are the ones for years trying to tell us that Women can have babies and work. They are the ones calling for Choice, but when the choice doesn't match their choice then what. This is blanent slap in the face to anyone that has gotten pregnant as a teenager, anyone that has gotten married and had a baby at a young age. This is a slap in the face to every mother that has worked out of the home. Maybe they would be cheering if she was a single mom, but since she is a mother of five, with a new baby that happens to have downs syndrome, and a HUSBAND that is actually INVOLVED in the family, it is a scandle. SHAME on US magazine and SHAME on the FEMINISTS that are silent on this issue.

Michele also has this great article on Female abuse in the media, or more correctly conservative female abuse.

Here is another article by a former democrat and mom that will Vote the McCain/Palin Ticket.

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