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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Grace under Fire

Did you watch Governor Palin's speech last night? I did, and I personally think she did wonderfully. The funny thing is, I wasn't even interested in watching any of the conventions this year. I generally have hated them in the past, and the only reason I did today was because of how the msm has been treating this woman in the press. I was curious, and I wanted to see what she would be like, for myself.

I have decided I will be voting for her. I have seen people say that a vote for her is a vote for McCain, which is true technically, but it is her presence on the ticket that will get me to the polls to vote in November. After the past few days, and what has happened, I thought she did well, talking about her family, that they are real people, with real problems, and real joys.
When she first started talking about Senator McCain and his trial, and experiences, I wondered what has this man said to her and her family? They have been through a fire storm, and I somehow think that what he when through in Hanoi, must give them strenght and courage, and the will to go on. She has diffused much of the publicity about the family, by talking about the family. What is it they say about blackmailers? They have no power over you unless you give it to them.

She delivered her speech beautifully, I watched it twice, encouraging my family to watch it the second time, so they could see her in action. Apparently Harry Reid thinks she was shrill. Humm, I wonder what is his definition of shrill. When I think of Shrill, I can think of more than one democrat that has been shrill on many occassion, and not all of them are women. So I guess it is okay for the democrats to have strong, opinionated women in their party, but not republicans. Oh, yeah, they seem to want to think that republican women, are brainless, tied down to our children, hopeless, and demeaned women with no minds of our own. Think again sir, we are actual human beings, with hopes and dreams, families to raise, and with liberals not wanting to produce, it won't be too far down the road when OUR children will out number YOUR children. As much as you and your ilk would like to take over their education, true education is at home, and it is the conservatives that will continue to teach our children, at home, after they return from your schools, we will talk with them, and continue to guide them on what freedom means.

I like Governor Palin enough that I am ready to do something I have never done in my life. I am concidering sending a little money to help the campaign. I have a feeling I am not the only one in this country that feels the same. There are many more of us that live in small towns across America, and at last we have a voice!

Updates: Apparently the msm thinks that it is a big deal that she didn't write her own speech. Duh, does any political candidate write their own speech anymore? Big deal. This is a non issue for me, no matter the party.

The Utah Democratic party wanted to try to claim that she is anti-mormon. I am sure they did this trying to capitalize on the Mike Huckabee factor in Utah. I guess they decided that it was not important that they retracted the accusation.

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