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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin, why such hatred?

When I heard the news about Govern Palin becoming John McCain's running mate on Friday, I was not sure what to think. I'm not greatly versed in the world of Politics and I knew nothing about her. I knew that he would not pick Mitt Romney, so I was curious about this woman. We had gone to the zoo Friday but when I came back, Noelie, was telling me how impressed she was with this lady. For me Senator McCain got it right. What issues are important to me?

1. Prolife, check
2. Pro 2nd ammendment, Check
3. Pro Military, Check
4. Immigration, not sure yet

It appears that she fits the bill for me. Now why is the left so full of vitrolic tirades against her and her family?

Why is the democrats given a pass, but republicans are not? Why is her children open fodder for the media, but no child from the dematratic forum are not? (Children should be left alone)
Why, can you tell me, is the left making it seem that it is a terrible thing for her to be in office because she is a mother, not just a mother, but one with a baby? I thought the democrats was the chosen party for the N.O.W? Are they not the ones that want to see every woman out of the home, working, and putting children in daycare? Are they not the ones that push choice, but when someone makes the choice to have a child and work is somehow now selfish and unfit? They should know that Downs syndrome is common over the age of 35, and the risks increase above the age of 40.

I went to FMH, thinking that I might would at least see, some words of praise that the republicans picked a woman for the VP candidate, but you know what I saw? Hateful, spiteful words. I saw malice and anger. How can they proclaim to be feminists, wanting a woman in office, wanting equal opportunity and then dare critize her for her choice. I saw slanderous, and vile statements not even worth repeating here. I could not help but think that they did so because they are the supporters of a party that has had the top leader of the country involved in sexual harrassment, let alone extramarital affiars, so it is how they view everyone.

Shame on FMH, for not celebrating this, if it had been Hilary they would have all been in Happy Land. Instead they show their true colors. They are not feminists, only when it suits their political agenda, are they so.

A True feminist would be celebrating this day, I don't care if you support her policies or her ideas, this is a woman now running for the 2nd highest office in this land. Can you not see the irony. It is not the democrats that care for the rights of women or minorities. They can tell you that, but it is not. How can it be?

You can talk about Geraldine Ferraro all you want, she wasn't brilliant, Hillary Clinton is not the end all to be all of women, sure they have run for office of President and Vice President, but stating them, you glibbly miss the republican women that have tried for the same, can you say Mrs. Dole please? It was a republican president that had more minorities in his cabinet than anyother, not President Clinton.

Don't get me wrong here, I don't think Senator Obama should have picked Senator Clinton as his running mate. I can see why he didn't. After all the last thing he needs is the Clinton machine taking over. Can you imagine being the president with a vice president who's spouse used to be president? I know I wouldn't want that behind me. Surely there isn't another woman in the democratic party that would have been a good choice? Instead he picks someone that has bitterness and hatred in much of what he says. I guess he did it so he can claim he "didn't know what he was like." After all we have heard that line before.

Back to Governor Palin, after all I have read, and seen, I think she will be a fine VP. At least with her on the ticket, I feel like I have a viable choice now.

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