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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Take from the rich to give to the poor?

I was watching Oprah today. Not something I often do, but when Suzie Orman is on, often I will listen, hoping for a bit of financial reminder to do better than I have.

The first family on consisted of two sisters, and their mother. One sister was renting from the other, and often the mother and the sister would loan her money. She would continue to spend and not pay her bills or her rent. In the process all of them are now in financial trouble. She did their credit scores each of them in the bad zone.

Suzie said something that I am sure went straight over the libral Oprah's head, I will try to give the essence of what she said.

She stated, that when those with money give to those that don't have any, and the other does nothing to improve their situation, all it does is make everyone poor. It does not make any of them rich, just all of them with out money.

Now, in this country, what is it the librals want, to tax the rich, to tax the middle class, and create more entitlement programs. In the long run, this method does not work, all it will do is create a situation, where the money is gone from everyone, and no one has anything.

I thought it was very interesting, we can not, help others if they will not be willing to help themselves out of a bind.

Doesn't that sound familar?

If we want to have benefits of the atonement, of that precious gift we have been given, we have to be willing to work for it. It is there, freely given, but it will do us very little good if we do not do what the atoner asks of us. In all aspects of our lives, when a gift is given, we need to show our appreciation for said gift. We need to do everything we can do.

I also thought of the law of concecration, how it is so different from any other concept out there. It is not welfare, it is not charity, but a working together of all involved. That everyones needs are met, equally. It means that what we are capable of doing, we do. It means that skills and talents are not greater than another. We all will have the opportunities to use our gifts and talents, and share with each other. We will all work together for a common goal. It can only happen, when there is no jealousy, no covetousness, no greed. Can you imagine a society like that? Much of that Establishment of Zion, I taught on Sunday.

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