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Friday, August 15, 2008

Now that is sportsmanship.

As I mentioned I love the olympics. I have very much enjoyed this one. Can you believe the two American gymnists, Nastia Luiken, and Shawn Johnson? I watched them compete a couple of months ago during the Olympic trials, and I really liked them both. They are each so unique in style, and as equally talented.
What I am really impressed with is their character. These two girls, friends, and competitors, become roomates at the games. They both recognize and accept each others skills and instead of making it an I am better than you competition, it becomes lets make a goal to go 1,2. Both aiming for that gold medal, and knowing only 1 can earn it. They cheer each other on, and still fight to do their best. This time Nastia had the better scores, and even though Shawn maybe disappointed to not have done her best, she is thrilled to see Nastia do it, and get the Gold medal.

Cheers to you girls, not just for the great competition and great athletics you both did, but cheers for the attitude and acts of sportsmanships. There are many competitors that manage to do what you have done, and unfortunately many that don't. I wish I had been half as wise when I was your age!

Bravo to you!

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