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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Music, Music and more Music

I have always loved music. It comes from a Dad that liked to play classics and quiz us on composers, or the instruments. I don't have a great amount of talent, and have lost much of my ability over the years, but one thing I haven't lost is the love of music.

I have become more aware of it over the years as I watch movies. Movie music, I love it. Perhaps it all started with Disney films, Sleeping Beauty was my favorite for many years, and it must be the wonderful sounds of Tchikovsky in the score. Musicals seemed to be the best of all movies and I loved to watch them as a kid. As I got older I began to pay attention to the music in the background of films. Perhaps the first that I really noticed, or loved was Star Wars. It took awhile but eventually Noelie convinced mom and dad that Cindy and I could see the movie. For me the magic came with the opening bars as the words to the introduction scrolled to the now memorable and identifable sounds of John Williams score. It was wasn't the typical music that grabbed my attention, you know, Princess Leia's theme, the Cantina Band, but rather the grand music during the battle over the death star. Wow. It was amazing, and I will always remember the sounds of the flutes as the death star is destroyed. From that time on I was a movie music fan. Noelie was married but left behind her sterio, my brother had the Star Wars score and I listened to it, all the time.

Then I discovered Marvin Hamlish's score using Scott Joplins music to the Sting, it wasn't the Entertainer that grabbed my attetion, but the haunting sounds of Solace. Later I remember watching the Karate Kid 3 (I think, the one where they go to Japan), and I loved the orchestral arrangements. I bought the soundtrack, and was sorely dissapointed, it was all pop music from the movie, none of the icredible orchestrations on the tape, except maybe one piece of music. I learned to not by soundtracks after that, unless I knew it was orchestrations.

What other movie music do I love, Jurrasic Park, more and more Star Wars, Even though I never saw the film Schindler's list. Yup, I love John Williams, he is a master, one of the best if not the best in the business, but there are others not too far behind his genius.

Have you seen Pirates of the Carribean? I walked out of the movie, knowing I had to have the score! When Barbosa attacks the ship Elizabeth and Will are on, introducint the music titled "Barbosa is Hungry", wow was all I could think, I love the music. Hans Zimmer is a master, he now writes for Batman, and the music says it all. Intense, driving, but able to carry the movie without over powering what is on film. Most people aren't even aware of what is playing in the background, I adore it, I am amazed at how the music carries the film step by step.

The Chronicles of Narnia, the battle in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, wow. Marvelous Music. Impressive, and wonderful. It brings the wonder of Fantasy and the glory of the era right together, to create something wonderful.

I could go on and on about the glory of movie music, other films that I love; The Majestic, the Truman Show, The Village, Somewhere in Time; The list could go on and on. Movie music is todays classical genre. It is what Fantasia tries to do with cartoon, only the music is written for the film. I suspect years from now, people will view the mastery of these talented composers in the same way we see the past greats and masters.

I challenge you, next time you see a movie, keep one ear open for the score in the background and what it does to enhance the movie experience, how does it effect each scene as the movie progresses. I think you might be pleasantly surprised at the discoveries you will find.

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