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Friday, July 11, 2008

Walk, Walk, Walk and other various stuff.

I'm trying to do my walking workouts, and then advance to The Firm in the next couple of weeks.
Doing the mile walks that just a few short years ago were so easy, DIE!!!!!!!!
Pick up those blue balls to walk with...... OUCH!!!!!!!!
My body is liking it!!!!!!!!!

I need to prepare a RS lesson on Obedience for this week, I'm struggling with it!

Listening to BYUTV(we got our converter boxes and we get it. YES!), talking about ordinances and that they are more important than holding the priesthood since it is through the ordinances that we become LIKE God. Much more important than holding the Priesthood. The ordinances put us back to God in the proper order and sequences. (Sounds like stuff I can use in my lesson on Obedience.) That the Priestood is equal to all. Won't that drive the feminists crazy since they like to over look that fact that the Priesthood holder CANNOT use it to bless himself, meaning he needs another Priesthood holder to bless him.

The light of Christ does four basic things
1. Shines
2. Spectrum quickens our understanding so we can reson.
3. It gives light to everything.
4. It is the Law by which all things are governed, it is the POWER of GOD.

The Priesthood is connected with the Light of Christ. The Priesthood is the Right to use the Light of Christ for exhaltation.
(all of this is by Robert J. Norman) one of my favorite Education Week instructors.

Too much to ponder on this, but I think it will help with my lesson, if I can tie it in and make it work with the Joseph Smith teachings. Which talk about Blessings of Obedience.

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