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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

An unexpected compliment

I have never have had grand illusions that I can write. From the time I was in college I knew my grammer and spelling need work. I play this game, called Renaissance Kingdoms.

Part of the game is an optional Role play forum that I have been writing a bit to develope my character. I don't have any purpose behind it than my own enjoyment, and wanting to explore a bit of creative writing. Yesterday, someone told me that I do a "Decent" job. He is an editor, or I should say used to be, and he said that my writing is excellent for most people. Now, I don't proof read much, or rewrite, I have not interest to spend that kind of time right now, I write what inspires me or what comes to mind. You see a few years ago, when I was starting to blog, and exploring my capabilities, I was told that I am a terrible writer. I have not ever really gotten over that. I know I am not fantastic, I am not as gifted as others are, but I really try to put myself in every word I place. I put myself, and as much honesty as I can. That is why my blogging slowed down over time, why I stopped doing lots of work, because I have no confidence in what I say and how I convey my meanings.
It was nice to hear, that I am not a lost cause after all.

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