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Monday, June 23, 2008

Willing to defend? Or a gene of peace?

I was reading at Feminist Mormon Housewives, a thread about domestic violence, and came across a comment by a typical pacifist, wanting to create a gene that would take violence out of our genetic make up. I honestly wonder where do these peaceniks get their views and how much sense does it make.
The first thing that came to mind, was those honorable, and valient men in the Book of Mormon, that would fight for the freedom of their country and fellow men. Can you name some?
Captain Moroni, The Army of Helaman, Helaman, Moroni, and Mormon. How many others are there?
Then I thought of the arguement if our genetics made us passive, who would fight for our freedom, then her thought was if everyone had it there would be peace not War.

That lead me to this last thought, what is it Satan promised in the War in Heaven? If you are LDS and believe this story as fact and truth, then we must abide by the precepts given. He wanted to force us to do right, to take away our ability to choose for ourselves. Is that not what this woman wants? To force ourselves to not be able to learn to control our tempers, our thoughts and our behaviors. We need to learn to desire peace, but we also must be able to defend ourselves from those that would want to take away our freedom to learn and to grow. I hate war as much as the next person. I do, but I see it as part of the life we live. Do I want to see my son have to march off to battle? No, but I hope I have taught him to love his country and home enough that if duty called he would answer. I would hate to loose my son, or even one of my daughters in conflict, but honestly, I face every morning and night wondering if it will be the last one I have to say goodnight or good day. Mortality is short, and unpredictable. We must be able to learn to accept everything life throws our way and grow from these experiences.

So with great respect to that poster on FMH, I do not think a gene to force peace is the answer. Peace will only be granted through one process, and that is the light and belief in Jesus Christ. Only He can bring the peace we desire, until then we can only do our best to show love to all, and defend our homes from the forces that would force us to loose the valuable gifts we have.

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