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Thursday, June 19, 2008

What does it mean to hate, what does it mean to fear?

I was a listening to a talk show today, and the discussion was about Michele Obama and her appearance on the view. Frankly, I never watch the view, I'm not liberal enough or feminist enough to enjoy it I suppose, not even for Elizabeth. Anyway, the question is why doesn't anyone ask her why is it she is not proud of America? Why does she think that there is only fear and hate in America? Is living here really so bad?

Honestly, the first time I heard her remarks several weeks ago, I wondered why she was so ashamed of the country she lives in, the one that her husband is attempting to be elected to the highest office available?

Of course the answer is multileveled.

On the personal end of her own race and ethnicity, I honestly believe there is much fear and hatred in this country. I haven't personally witnessed any in my area, but that doesn't mean in the South it isn't there. Still the hatred goes both ways. If you hate and fear those around you for their race and color, you are likely to get it back. Just the word HATE in of itself, brings to mind the vilest of emotions, the kind that people will kill, torture and maime just because they despise someone different from who they are. Hatred I believe is a taught emotion. children witness the hate the people they rolemodel and begin to hate as well. So I will agree with her that there is some hatred in America, maybe a great deal, but not everywhere, and not from everyone.

Fear on the other hand is a primal emotion, we are born with it. I have watched my youngest child react in fear to people she doesn't know. One of my worst faults is fear. I am afraid of getting in trouble, of failure, and new situations. Fear holds me back, because I refuse to face it head on and over come the challenge, so I never combat the initial reason for my feelings. Still, I have in the past, learned to overcome, and I made new friends, learned to skills, and developed new talents.

So is there fear in this country? If there is how is it encouraged? How is it fostered? I know that if I listen to the news it is full of pessimism for the future. If I open emails sent to me by well intentioned people, it if full of warnings and strife for the future and how we are going to live.

Is there really reason to fear? I do fear the liberal control in this country because the older I get the farther I get from the idea of liberalism and socialism. I don't see their cause as open the way for freedom but rather limiting our ability to grow and progress. Anytime someone takes away from you the means and surplus that you work hard to earn and supply away and give to those not willing to put out for themselves, is taking away your freedom to live life the way you see fit. Is that a reasonable fear, probably not in the long run, concern should be the better word and term.

I can understand peoples concern, even in in opposition to how I think and feel, isn't concern a better term than fear? I am concerned about hatred and its effects. I am concerned about the lack of responsibility among people in America and the world today. We are always trying to find justification for actions and to shift blame to others? When did this start? When did parents start making excuses for their children and placing blame on others for their own childrens bad behavior? There are so many things that are wrong in society, and yet, I have hope. Why? How is it possible you ask?

Simple, I read the scriptures.I choose to see the future as a time of wonderful things that will be happening in contrast to all the bad. I see the wonderful acts performed by friends and family, neighbors and strangers. Simple things that never make the news because it is not sensational enough or note worthy enough to broadcast.

What a change it would be, if we turned on the news and instead of fear being the main focus, but rather the good that is done, how quickly attitudes might change. I challenge anyone that reads this blog, to write about the good and what is right today. Lets avoid the fear, and the hate, and move forward with hope. You may not get the comments a more controversial topic, but I guarantee you will feel better than you did writing about things that you perseeve are wrong.

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