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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dancing with the stars.

I admit I have not watched Dancing with the stars since the first season. I think I am still amazed that Kelly Monaco beat John O'Hurley who was obviously the best throughout the entire first season. Oh, well what is past is past.

Now for this season, I was interested because one of my favorite figure skaters is in the competition. I will always see what Kristi Yamaguchi will do. She as I expected was a good as I thought she would be. Even though she has to learn to dance as opposed to figure skate, she has advantages, of having been a pair skater in the past. She has lyrical ability, meaning she already knows how to interpret music and become part of it. She already has the ability in how to use her upper body. I honestly don't think that she will have much trouble. I know they mentioned Apollo
Anton-Ono, but he was a short track speed skater, much different from a figure skater.

Then there is the draw of Marlie Matlin. Did any of you see her dance. I thought she did amazingly well. Again how hard it would be dance without being able to hear. Yet I am sure her skills as an actress, learning to work off of other peoples cues will be beneficial. That is something she can do because of her deafness. She is a true inspiration about what can be possible in life.

Other than that I am not sure what to comment on. Priscilla Prestly was elegant, I would not expect her to be otherwise. She is a true lady, and shows her grace a poise very well.

Then there is the girl from "Hairspray". Talk about enthusiasm. If she can learn to control that and become more disciplined she will be fine.

I did not pay attention to anyone else that was dancing.

I watched even less of the men, so I have no idea who has the lead there.

Tell me your impressions, if you have watched the show.

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