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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What does this country want?

I had been reading at the anchoress, and she had a thread to have people convince her to vote for Romney over McCain. Now after the results yesterday, I want to know why I should vote for McCain. I honestly do not see him any different from the liberal side of the isle.
This is a man that has threatened to jump from the Republican party.
So this is what I am seeing this country wants, and will most likely get.
1. A president with a foul mouth and temper. (Clinton or McCain, either way we will get lots of drama)
2. Higher taxes
3. Increased socialism
4. Weakening of National Defense. (Yes I don't think McCain will Strengthen it.)
5. More Terrorism
6. Higher taxes (Oh did I say that already? I guess I better save my money instead of spending it)
7. A weaker economy
8. Decrease in national Morale
9. continued partisanship in the government
10. More bureaucracy
11. More entitlements
12 More government spending... (What is that I heard? Yup, Higher taxes)
13. Environment that is not business friendly
14. More activist judges rather than judges that are constitutional
15. decrease in freedom of speech
16. Decrease in right to bear arms
17. Decrease in the right to worship without government involvement

If you wonder why Senator Obama took Utah, just remember the Clintons stabbed our state and democratic representatives in the back. Utah will never, ever vote for a Clinton, except perhaps if McCain wins the nomination, she just might could have a chance, with the way he has treated Mitt Romney, you never know.

What ever the case, I don't have a very positive and hopeful outlook for the future leadership of this country. Sean Hannity is going to have to work really hard to convince me, or you might find this voter following the lead of Anne Coulter.

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