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Monday, February 11, 2008

The things my little ones hate.

Okay my Niece Brynn
Tagged us for a meme about what Kendra and Abbie love and Hate, I think I will do it for Natasha and Collin too!

Natasha Loves
1. Swimming
2. Sign Language
3. The color Purple
4. Friends
5. Church activities
6. Listening to her iPod
7. freedom
8. relax
9. coloring
10. her family

She Hates
1. when her mother gets upset with her
2. cleaning her room
3. ear pain
4. TMJ pain
5. When Collin bickers with her
6. Pressure from teachers
7. Broken ankles
8. getting in car accidents.
9. Loud noises
10. People being bossy

Collin Loves
1. fun, fun, fun
2. digging a snow tunnel
3. camping
4. drama
5. playing his clarinet
6. playing with his family
7. Playing video games
8. helping others
9. church service
10. eating (he is a growing boy)

Collin hates

1. cleaning his room
2. Doing dishes
3. mom getting upset about his grades
4 not being able to eat popcorn because of braces
5. Not being able to have fun
6. Homework
7. being grounded
8. eggs
9. bullies
10. People being sad.

Kendra loves
1. puzzles
2. mommy
3. sliding down daddy's legs
4. playing with anyone
5. books
6. singing
7. Her grandma
8. Playing outside
9. Balloons
10. Her pillow

Kendra Hates
1. Loud noises
2. taking naps
3. Her pillow case coming off her pillow
4. eating most vegetables
5. eggs
6. Not being able to play with Noah
7. the naughty spot
8. Abbie crying
9. Not being able to do what she wants when she wants it.
10. going potty before bed.

Abbie loves
1. eggs
2. singing
3. Mommy
4. sliding down Daddy's legs
5. grandma
6. puppy dogs
7. reading books
8. doing things by herself
9. her play shoes (especially the snow white shoes)
10. Kendra

Abbie hates
1. not being able to do things herself
2. Kendra yelling at her
3. The light in her eyes
4. vegetables
5. Dog bites
6. Kendra taking toys from her
7. trying to go potty
8. time out
9. being told to sit still
10. Not being with Kendra

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