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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Campaign retoric that I hate.

What I hate to hear from political candidates from both sides of the isle.
1. _ has no experience
2. _ is rich.
3. _ is too young
4. _ is too old.
5. _ did not serve in the military
6. _ only served in the national Guard.
7. _ is an alcoholic
8. _ used to be a drug addict.
9. _ is a mormon.
10. _ is a muslim
11. _ is a christian.
12. _ is a born again Christian.
13. _ is a flip/flopper (aren't they all to some degree. ;))
14. _ is a racist.

I know there are some other broad stroke titles, names, put downs, or even compliments that really have nothing to do with political policy do you really hate to hear?

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