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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sinus Relief, who could have imagined!

My darling husband has been suffering for the past few years with recurrent sinus infections, to the point that he stopped going to the Dr. for it because the antibiotics only cleared it up for about 2 weeks. He has complained about not being able to sleep at night, because he has to breathe through his mouth. I have also had problems with dry sinuses, and not being able to sleep at night, but I figured it was me, and I would just have to live with it.
Yesterday I was reading and something told me to turn on Oprah. Not that I watch her much, rarely would be the word, but she had this on when I turned on the TV. It was a follow up day with Dr. Oz, and he was talking about the Neti-Pot. I missed most of what he showed, but enough to gather that a young woman who had severe sinusitis now is symptom free with the use of this object. I had to come down and do a search on the Oprah site, just to see what it was she used. I was impressed enough that when my husband came home he and I told him he was very unsure about it. He told me he would rather talk to a Dr., and I asked him when because he has refused to go for a year or more. After pulling up some of the information I found he became more interested in it. Our daughter works at a pharmacy and I called to see if they had one where she works. They did, we bought it, and used it last night. My husband had a night where he could sleep and breathe. The first in a very long time.
So I guess today I am glad that I watched a bit of Oprah.

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