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Friday, January 25, 2008

Good news

I have not mentioned on my blog that my husband received a "promotion" at his full time employment last October. We knew that it could be a possibility that he would take over his bosses job, but we thought that would be when the man retired. Instead, political wrangling occurred and Michael ended up with the responsibility of the job without the Job title or a raise (he is petitioning for that). In the process his superiors told him that they considered his part time employment to constitute a conflict of interest and that he needed to find another job.
Since October he has been looking for a new job, and in November he had put in applications with two different companies. Both were promising prospects, then in December the one company had a hiring freeze for a month and that was put on hold. The other position was offered, but no guarrantee of hours until Michael managed to get on insurance panels to be able to work with the clients. This office thought because he had been working for so many years that he would already be on insurance panels, but since he worked with court ordered individuals insurance panels were not necessary. :)
This week he interviewed and was offered a job with LDS Family Services. I am actually in shock, (this was the job that had the hiring freeze throughout December.) he had applied to work for them so much in the past and never was offered a job. He just informed me that he is going to be working in a new extension in our town, not even in the next town over that he thought he would be at, so even better news. He will need to work some Saturdays until they find an office here for them to open up into. (I might be able to play a bit of Final Fantasy on the weekend, grin)

I am so excited for him, he has wanted to work for this company for a very, very long time. He is an excellent counselor, with an ability to see people for who they are, and does not define them for the mistakes they have made. I think that is why he is so effective. With the prison population and working with convicted felon's, he is not able to be pushed around, but he treats them as human beings, when so many of us would rather treat them as animals and beasts. He remembers that we all are children of God, and treats them as such.
So, today is a good day, after a few months of mild stress, we look forward to a more stable income. I am also grateful that his soon to be former part time employers continued to provide him with a job and income. They are good people, and he is sad to leave that job. They were among the first to give him a chance at leadership in an office, recognizing his special skills and abilities. He starts next week!
I know a load has been taken from his shoulders.

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