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Friday, January 04, 2008

Checking out Blogs today.

Well I figured it was time to check out the blogs I have ignored for the most part this past month.
What I have learned:
Ramblin' Irishman took a trip and has some great pictures. Not only that he just celebrated 42 years of marriage. Congratulations to Cheryl I am sure!
Lei is posting again! cheers for joy!
I found more posts on Waters of Mormon that I had to comment on, including my passion and love for Christmas and all it encompasses. Sorry if it came out too harsh.
TF Stern as always, has something to thing about.
Kat is showing off more of her socks on the knitting bag.
How I Deal, one of my most favorite places to go to feel inspired is going strong, but Mollies memories is gone. cry.
The Cary Clan has pictures of snow fun!
By Study and Also by Faith has an article on the language of Prayer.

All in all it was a nice to visit some places I have not gone into the past few weeks.

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