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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I am grateful for....

I am going to do something for me this month. I am going to list something I am grateful for everyday I am on the computer. If you don't see me do it during the weekdays, remind me!

Today I am grateful that I can read. One of the goals I made for myself this past year was to read 100 books or 25,000 pages. I am getting close to the goal and I hope to finish this month because after Thanksgiving my reading time and computer time will decrease for obvious reasons.
Reading has always been part of my life, for as long as I can remember. I have wanted my children to enjoy the gift of placing ones self in the pages of a book and living the story.

As Anne of Green Gables might would say, there is so much scope for the imagination. Since I do not have a great imagination, I appreciate those that do, and can put it on paper for others to partake of the stories and tales in their heads. What would it be like to be a great writer. With the ability to encourage, inspire, and draw a reader into your world.

With my decline in a world of bleakness and self doubt and despair, I turned to my beloved books to try to recover. I don't want to read when I am depressed, but I am making myself do it. I am trying to focus on the scriptures. It is hard to find that 20 minutes a day, and once more I am afraid I will have to let go of a personal goal to finish a goal set by my Stake President. (To read the Book of Mormon by Feb. 9) (My goal was to finish the New Testament by the end of the year, I am near the end of Hebrews.) You see, scripture reading is hard for me right now. With not sleeping well it is hard to wake up before the girls to squeeze in the time, and at night, Michael after a long day at work wants to talk. So finding the quiet time to ponder the scriptures and read several pages a day is a challenge that is overwhelming to me. I have done it before, I know it is something I can do, but can I do it well? Can I read and retain, and feel the spirit of the Word of God, when feeling the Spirit is foreign to me the past two years. Can I pull what fragile threads of faith left in my mental, and physical being to do it?
I never, ever, thought I would say I would have a hard time reading something. I guess it goes to show my frame of mind.

Still, I can read. I can hold the book in my hands and turn the fragile pages and read the words of men that lived before. I can learn for their wisdom, and I hope I can have the unwavering faith of Nephi and know that the Lord will find a way for me to keep his commandments.

Reading, what a joy it is. I love to read to my little girls, particularly when they are engaged in the story and participating in what they hear. Where would I be if I could not pick up a book and not be able to read the words of the pages?
So today, after waking up at 5:00 am, I managed to read. I found some quiet time in the early morning hours to take time for myself and try to start the day out right.
Yes, I am very grateful I can read.

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