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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am Grateful for..... 24 hour emergency phone services.

I am going to get the two little girls ready for bed, and what do I find on their bedroom floor? Two empty vitamin bottles, one newly filled just a couple of weeks ago, the other with about 1 more month to go. 100 Chewable tablets per bottle, roughly 100 tablets between the two bottles eaten at some point earlier in the day.
After hunting for the poison control phone number and a 5 minute conversation on the phone. Relief to know that 200 pills of Kendra's vitamins and 400 pills of Abbie's would be a cause for concern. At first I was worried about iron, but closer look at the ingredient list there is no iron in the formulation, so fluoride was the big concern which I already knew is not a big deal.
A sigh of relief and two little ones tucked into bed with gratitude that they were okay.
So today, I am grateful for 24 hour poison control. :) (Yes among other things.)

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