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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween pictures

Here are a few pictures of the girls getting ready for Trick or Treating!

Kendra full of Smiles. The perfect little witch, dressed in orange, her favorite color.

Both Girls being so good getting their pictures taken

Abbie, mom's little lady bug, full of smiles.

Good thing we had Collin Around, we got some smiles that way.

Our Sweet Abbie once again. She was not sure about this business, but soon caught on and had a basket full of treats. Now safely tucked out of reach so she can't eat it all at once. Mean mommy.

One other note. We were able to open our front door this year to hand out treats. How nice it was. Thanks to a new porch the door opens and shuts. There are still a few problems, but hey it works doesn't it. :)

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