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Monday, October 01, 2007

Lynn Kurland

My mother in law was surprised that I did not mention Lynn Kurland in the last post. There is some validity to that claim. I adore Lynn Kurland and her stories. I am forever grateful to my sister for introducing me to them. IF you are looking for an LDS author, want some romance, and don't want it in an LDS format then this is the author for you. She writes historical romance with a twist. He books are tame, and in fact get tamer with each new novel. The first few are perhaps more pg or pg-13 but not to the point of actual description. She tries to keep them moral, and clean. In other words, the hero's may have had sexual encounters in the past, but there is no premarital sex (only one book and it is explained in the era and circumstances as how would two people feel when in love but not able to marry each other because of social restraint.) Her stories are fun, delightful, and it is easy to feel the characters emotions as you read the book, both hero and heroine.
She is a breath of fresh air in a market that is full of sleaze and pornography. You will not go wrong with reading a Lynn Kurland story. I suggest starting with A Dance Through Time, there is nothing wrong with falling in love with the Scottish Highlands.

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