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Friday, September 28, 2007

Twilight, I am not that into it.

I have not blogged for a number of days. I admit it, I have been sidetracked doing other things. (like playing Final Fantasy XI, and playing around on facebook)
Then I realized today, I blogged on my book site about the Twilight series, but not here.
I can say I enjoyed the books, they are entertaining, and that is what light reading should be, but I can not say I am going to rush to buy the books. I really do not get the hype or the love for them. I am not one of the crowd.
When I have read an incredible series of books written by Katherine Kurtz, it is hard to not be critical of a series of books so many are fawning over that frankly the literary genius is not there.
Again, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the books, I don't LOVE the books.
I find Bella, the main character, to be annoying. She is supposed to be shy, I know shy, I don't think it is her. She is supposed to be responsible, but I find her to be so irresponsible it makes me glad she is not my daughter. I really don't see that she thinks of others until the danger is pointed out to her, she only sees what she wants to see. Then she constantly writes about how perfect Edward is in beauty. I never, ever, feel the love between Bella and Edward. I only know it is there because she tells us it is there.
Then Jacob and Edward are just as annoying in how they want to control Bella.
That would drive me insane to have people control me like they try to do her.
She considers Jacob her best friend but loves and wants to marry Edward. That does not mesh with how I consider love. I was taught you marry your best friend, that is the one that you should love.
So I have rambled on about what I don't like about the books, now what do I like.
I think the richest and best developed characters and the supporting ones, particularly in the Cullen family. I think we have some great insights into the life of vampires in her universe, as well as what many of the wish had happened.
By the time she gets to the climax of each novel it is gripping and this here her real talents shine. I think she wastes too much time with Bella's different obsessions, from Edward, to depression, to just doing anything she can to rebel.
So once again, I like Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse, I don't love them, but I would let my kids read them. They are easy reading, more for Young Girls, than adult in style, but that is okay. With the flaws I have mentioned that is what really puts in in the Young adult genre.
I know I am going against the flow on this one, that is okay. Just goes to show that not every best seller is a best seller for everyone, and I am glad I have not spent my dollars to buy the books.
If you really want a series of books, with tremendous plots, deep and rich characters(good and bad), you love fantasy, or you love books with a medieval flare read Start with Katherine Kurtz's Deryni Chronicles (Deryni Rising, Deryni Checkmate, and High Deryni) or the Legends of Saint Camber (Camber of Culdi, Saint Camber, Camber the Heretic), they are worth the effort to find.

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