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Friday, August 24, 2007

Husband and Wife

A few weeks ago, we received a flyer for a new store opening in American Fork, Husband and Wife intimacyBoutique.
I am not one to really talk about this with others, I am much to private, but this is such an important topic for us today. After all what marriage, if the couple truly loves each other does not desire to improve their sexual intimacy. The funny thing is as I was looking for their website to post a link here, I found a newspaper flyer states the the store is designed for married couples, so they can go without having to wade through "embarrassing" items to get to what you want. I went yesterday and that is exactly what it is. You see much more walking by a Victoria's Secret in the Mall than what you do in this store. Racks of Lingerie to be sure, but no mannequins, no lewd pictures, tasteful books displayed on a table discussing marital intimacy (most by LDS authors that have written wonderful books on the subject, but non of the ones we own.) There about three shelves with various games, oils, lotions, candles, stuff for wedding showers, rose petals, and other tasteful odds and ends to encourage intimacy for a couple in love.
It saddens me that we live in a society that wants to flaunt sexuality, but we become afraid to admit that sexual well being is important to a marriage and we should be able to seek for these items in a setting that is not embarrassing or make you feel as if you are doing something wrong.
We have such a puritan mind set that a store like this can not open on MAIN street for goodness sake. No schools in the area, a main traffic area, nothing in the windows to draw the eye. The only reason I stopped when I did is because Michael and I had planned to go, but never did, and I saw the sign and thought I would go check it out.
Come on people in Utah, wake up, don't be afraid of a gift we have been so lovingly granted. Learn to open your minds and take a chance. Sexuality in marriage is not a sin, it is something to be enjoyed. It is not just for procreation, it is to help the couple maintain a loving loving relationship.

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