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Monday, August 06, 2007

FMH and Tithing issues

Okay, so I had to go read this.
I know, dumb, dumb and perhaps even dumber of me. I am always amazed at the things that bother these women, you would think I would learn.
First they seem to think because they "have" inspiration that banning gay marriage or the war in Iraq is not God's will, everyone must feel the same way.
I'm sorry, I don't agree. Tithing is a matter of faith, I pay it because I have faith that it is a commandment of God. I remember a quote that said "only those that pay a full tithe do not complain about tithing". I think that can go to not complaining about what tithing dollars are used for.
Then when someone comes up with arguments they don't want to listen too (why the church has a position against gay marriage), they say it is off topic when it is introduced into the topic as a reason why the are uncomfortable with the usage of tithing money.

Shame on me for going there to read, it just makes me more frustrated. I happen to believe that that war is something that needs to be done. If it opens the door for missionary work into that part of the world, it would be God's will. I happen to believe all of the events going on are part of prophecy and signs of the times.

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